Our sock masters have tried to answer all of the questions they think you might have about Sock Club but their heads are pretty full of new designs for our socks!  So, if you think there’s something missing just contact us and we’ll whizz across an answer as quickly as we can!

Email members@sockclub.uk or tweet us @SockClubUK

What are the socks made of?

Our socks are all made right here in Great Britain using the finest high grade combed cotton spun on ring frames which gives a superior soft feel.  The cotton is spun in a mill based in Lancashire, a county rich in cotton textile traditions.  We choose an 80/20 mix for our socks, so this mean they contain 80% cotton and the rest is nylon, this is what keeps your socks up and gives enough stretch to cover a variety of sizes.

Do I get to choose the socks I get?

Part of the excitement of SOCK CLUB is not knowing what you’re going to receive, we are daring you to be different, so relax and let us work on the designs. That said, rest assured that our experienced team has designed a range of wonderful socks that will be guaranteed to impress.

What socks can I expect to receive?

The most amazing socks you will ever own. The designs are different and fun, but always the highest quality cotton socks. You can get a good idea of what styles we have done before on this website or by visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages.

What size are the socks?

Our socks come in two size choices: 6-11 and 11-15 in UK men’s shoe sizes. You can choose your size once you click through to the subscription that you want.

Can ladies wear your socks?

Of course, although our range is designed predominantly for men and men’s shoe sizes.  While a women’s size seven is the same for a man, men generally have slightly wider feet, so our socks are made with this in mind.

When will I get my socks?

We send out your first socks within 5-10 working days of your first payment being processed (this can be up to 7-14 days after signing the Direct Debit, depending on you bank).

After that, you’ll enter our delivery cycle, and receive socks in either odd or even months.  So if you receive your first socks in January, you will get the next ones in March and so on.

How is payment taken?

Unlike other subscription services, we don’t take your credit card information. We take payments via Direct Debit to put you in control. Whether you choose monthly or annual subscriptions.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Before you cancel, we’d love to know why you’d like to cancel. You can let us know by emailing members@sockclub.uk that you would like to cancel. We ask that you give us 30 days notice before cancelling.  If you are an annual member, your socks will continue to be delievred until your membership expires and all paid for socks are sent. Alternatively, cancelling your Direct Debit will also cancel your subscription.

A fresh pair delivered to your door every two months

100% British Made

High Quality Cotton

Shrink Proof